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Pie Town Fire EMS
39 Custard Junction Rd.
Pie Town, NM 87827
Non-Emergency: 575-772-2666
Emergency: 911
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Welcome to Pie Town

This is Pie Town, New Mexico, USA. Located in Southwest New Mexico we're in the northern part of Catron County, the largest county in New Mexico. No, it's not a desolate desert here--it's a green, beautiful part of the country that has remained largely a secret to most folks. Some people even think we're not part of the United States, but rest assured we are!

What We Do

We do more than fight fires. We also deal with motor vehicle collisions, prescribed burns, and we extricate passengers from damaged vehicles. Our training includes firefighting (structure and wild-land), HAZMAT, CEVO (driver training), extrication, CPR and First Aid. We have members who are active EMTs and who respond with the ambulance. To the above activities add meetings, truck maintenance, building maintenance, extensive administrative time, inspections, cleaning and laundry, and you can see why your local volunteers are truly heroes.

Of these volunteers, most work full time jobs; many are self-employed business owners who work far more than a 40–hour work week. Almost all of our volunteers are over the age of 50. Many are doing some form of care for aging parents or young children. These folks have a lot on their plates, yet they still answer the call when needed.

Our Fire District

We are Catron County Fire District #5, established in 1968 after a local resident lost his own home by fire. Our legal district encompasses 47 square miles, but we respond under mutual aid to the entire northern half of Catron County which is hundreds of square miles in size.


Our ISO Rating

In April, 2007, Pie Town Volunteer Fire Department underwent an inspection with the State Fire Marshall’s Office and ISO (Insurance Services Organization, the organization that determines the rating of fire departments nation-wide). In the state of New Mexico, this rating determines the amount of funding available to the department. For the local citizen, a lower rating means lower rates on homeowners' insurance and a better opportunity for mortgages in the area. After this inspection, the department moved up from a class 9 to a 6, a tremendous step for any volunteer department in the state.

Volunteers Are Needed

As with most rural departments, we are always short on staff, and there are many ways to help out. If you would like help protect your community, and are willing to learn, we can provide you with the professional training you need to become a volunteer fire fighter, or you can help by being part of the fire corps that supports the department. We also always are looking for additional members to become EMTs who can help with medical and trauma emergencies--all training is provided by the county and the state. Visit our contact page and drop us an email or give us a call to see how you can help.

Regular monthly training takes place the last Tuesday of every month with additional training added for such activities as live fire simulation, vehicle extrication, hazardous materials, wild-land fire protection, gas detection and much, much more. 

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